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What is Trading7Club?
  • Trading7Club is a private club that offers a top notch educational training about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and trading. We will guide you step by step in a full course divided in 6 Modules: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional, Expert and Master.
  • Each Module contains several video lessons, written materials and quizzes to ensure that you are having a good understanding of all the topics.
  • Purchasing an Educational Package you will not only get lifetime access to all the content, but you will also receive Pioneer Rights that entitle you to an increasing passive income linked to Trading7Club success.
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Pioneer Rights
As a special gift to our early-bird members, only during Pre-launch you will be rewarded with free Pioneer Rights when purchasing any Educational Package.
Pioneer Rights represent the right to receive a proportional part of the profits generated by Trading7Club. All Pioneer Right holders will be rewarded on monthly basis starting from Launch date (planned for July 2020).
Pioneer Rights are initially valued at $0.10 each. The earlier you join during Pre-launch, the more beneficial the Pioneer Rights program will be for you as their price will steadily increase.
Based on our estimations, Pioneer Rights will be valued at $0.50 - $1.00 by Launch date. Pioneer Rights will be converted to blockchain smart contracted Pioneer Rights and Trading7Club members will be able to sell or buy them.
Top Notch Training
  • People who heard about cryptos years ago and didn’t take advantage of that opportunity tend to think that they missed a once in a lifetime chance and it’s already too late for them.
  • But the reality is that crypto world is still in its infancy. Very few people know about cryptos and hardly any of them has a clue on how to take advantage of it. Today is your chance to be ahead of all of them.
  • In Trading7Club training you will learn everything from the basic concepts to the most useful tools and indicators that will convert you in a crypto expert capable of analysing the market and take the best investment decisions.
  • Cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them will change the world in the coming years, making thousands of new millionaires along the way. Will you be one of them?
Why Trading7Club?
In addition to the monthly dividends distribution by just holding Pioneer Rights, Trading7Club offers you another 7 Income Streams.
Once you purchase an Educational Package you are placed in a worldwide forced Matrix. There are 6 different Matrixes – one per Educational Package – that are filled with the same members as they decide to upgrade to higher Packages.
You can be paid up to 6 bonus commissions for each member placed under you. 6 separated income streams for building 1 single Matrix!
Matching Bonus is the 7th Income Stream. Starting from Professional Package, you can be rewarded up to 10% matching bonus in up to 3 referral levels.
Educational Packages
Reasons to Join Trading7Club
Top Notch Education
A full educational training about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and trading divided in 6 Modules.
Affordable to Anyone
You can start as low as $30 and upgrade to higher packages whenever you want.
Passive Income
Pioneer Rights price will steadily increase and holding them you will get monthly dividends.
Amazing Bonuses
Share the opportunity with others and be paid immediately in up to 7 Income Streams.
Join Trading7Club Today
The Sooner you Join, the more Pioneer Rights you will get!
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